Work In Community

Work In Community

25OneCommunity members rent flexible workspaces that work for them. Organization members rent their own private offices or permanent desks. Individual members rent their own dedicated desks, called “hot desks”.

A hot desks allow members to participate part-time and have workspace when they need it. Part-time members are always welcome to 25One’s public events.

To keep things simple and convenient for you, administrative support and amenities are all included.

Our members include

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Home-based businesses
  • Freelancers and consultants

Membership benefits

Membership in 25OneCommunity links you to an active and diverse community of nonprofit organizations, artists, community groups and entrepreneurs who come together to share resources, ideas and work space in a sustainable setting. We foster an environment of interaction, collaboration and movement for social change by sharing space, hosting events and offering learning opportunities.

All members get:

  • Modern office furniture
  • Telephone service (long-distance within Canada and the US included)
  • High-speed internet
  • Use of printers and photocopiers
  • Access to meeting room and event spaces of various sizes 

Benefits include:

  • A central Centretown address
  • Environmentally sound building materials
  • Communal spaces to facilitate sharing of ideas and projects
  • Progressive public events, book launches and workshops
  • Community building and partnership opportunities

People work best when they feel they are a part of a network of peers with the same social values. 25One provides a unique opportunity for NGOs and progressives to support and learn from each other’s work in a healthy, collaborative environment that contributes to the revitalization of the downtown core.

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